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Blue Devils News · 2017-18 Girls Soccer Team- Pictures by Barbara Wolff


2017 Seniors: (from Left to Right) – Samantha Kirby, Danielle Redmond, Allison Burruss, Rachel Lopez, Peyton Ballou, Lauren Walker, Ashley Grimes, and       Mattie Post2017-18 senior players girls soccer


Allison Burrussallison burruss-individual

Ashley Grimes ashley grimes-individual

Danielle Redmond danielle redmond-individual

Lauren Walker lauren walker-individual

Mattie Post mattie post-individual

Peyton Ballou peyton ballou-individual

Rachel Lopez rachel lopez-individual

Samantha Kirbysamantha kirby-individual


2017 Juniors(from Left to Right): Melissa Whitmer, Tamia Demarest, Emma Mutz, and Emily Boyd2017-18 junior players girls soccer

2017 Sophomores (from Left to Right): Maggie Sanders, Molly Wilkerson, Olivia Powers, Karen Calderon2017-18 sophomore players girls soccer


2017 Freshman (from Left to Right): Taylor Williams, Sarah Hazen,Alexis Cleaver, Isabella Simmons, Abigail Bode, Sarah Magana, Jaleste Bryson, Mallory Lohner, Erin Ostrander, Madisyn Lohner, Alexis Cleaver  2017-18 freshman girls soccer