Multiple Teams · Summer Guidelines for Coaches/ Athletes

1. Wilson County School precautions will align with current state and federal mandates. They are subject to change due to changing mandates.
2. Locker rooms will not be used during the summer as well as water fountains or common water bottles.
3. Participants will be prompted to wash hands or use hand sanitizer often.
4. Shared equipment will be disinfected before and after group sessions.
5. Students will be assigned to small (9 or less), static activity groups as long as there are limits to social gatherings.
6. Students will practice social distancing as much as possible during group activities and coaches will be at least 10 feet from participants.
7. Student small groups will be spaced at least 20 feet apart from other small groups.
8. Activities will be limited to students, coaches, and trainers only.
9. All participants will be screened for symptoms daily. Those with symptoms will immediately be referred to a healthcare professional and will not be allowed to return until they’ve been seen.
10. If any member of a small group tests positive for Covid-19, all parents in the group will be notified of the test but not of the student’s identity to comply with HIPPAA. All members of the group will stay home for 14 calendar days and parents will be encouraged to get their child tested.
11. Coaches will provide at-home activities for students to complete if they are in a small group that has been shut down or if the parent chooses to keep their child home. Coaches must be notified in advance if a student will miss a small group activity.